Free Stuff F.A.Q.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How can all this stuff be free?

A. Some companies are willing to give you their product or service in hope that you will return to purchase something else later. Many online companies may never actually try to sell you anything. They may make money by selling advertising space on their web sites, or their free offer may be a way of paying you to fill out a survey or give them other demographic information.

Q. Many signup forms ask for my e-mail address. Will I be spammed?

A. Most honest, professional companies will not spam you or sell your address. However, some companies will, and it is impossible to tell what will happen with your address when you are signing up. The easiest way to handle this is get a free e-mail account, from a service like AltaVista, to use for sign-ups. This is better than giving a false address, as many companies send a confirmation e-mail you must read and respond to, before your free offer is sent or activated.

Q. I thought all of this was free? Why did offer "xyz" ask for my credit card info?

A. Some offers are for a free trial, where you actually purchase the item to try it. Most companies let you return or cancel it, free of charge, during the free trial period. Some of these offers never charge your card until the trial period is over. A few offers may require you to pay for shipping and handling. Read the terms of the offer before signing up. accepts no liability.

Note - Use caution when using a debit card. Debit cards do not always offer the same protection as a credit card.

Q. Why is the offer expired? or Why did I get an error when clicking on a link?

A. We try to keep all offers listed as current as possible, but it is impossible to monitor all offers continuously. If you find an expired or missing offer, please contact us. If you get an error, the server you are trying to reach may be temporarily down. You may want to try again later. If the error occurs again later, please contact us.

If this page did not answer your question, please feel free to ask us by sending an email on our contact page.

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