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    With the current internet advertising market, free ISPs have gone downhill fast, as they are dependent on advertising for revenue. There are still a few left, but services are limited at best, and some providers are just more trouble than they're worth. Still, you can find working free ISPs, and they are fine for some people.
   Don't miss our free wireless internet access section. (At the bottom of this page.) These services are available for use on internet enabled cellular phones and handheld (Palm OS, Windows CE, Pocket PC, WAP) units.

**** Increase your download an online speed with Marketscore - it's FREE.

New! Get free activation for a highspeed DSL internet connection. Forget the wait, and surf up to 50 times faster than traditional dialup connections.

Free Dialup Access

New Get free Internet service from DotNow with over 2400 points of presence in all 50 states. Free access for Windows/Internet Explorer users. You must tolerate banners and popups for this free ISP.

Re-New is back on the scene with their free ISP service. They have no hourly limit, but there are a few catches. "Commercial breaks" interrupt your surfing experience by showing you ads similar to television, either full-screen or in popups. The ads last for 7 seconds, and cutting the ad short will disconnect you. You must also keep your email account active by logging in twice a month. You also have to participate in AddressCash, download all access software, and set as your start page, search page, and homepage. (Whew!)

Juno is an another free internet service in the US. Up to 56k dialup service, across the US. They also offer space for your own web site. Online technical support is free, let's just hope you have a way of getting online if you need it.

BlueLight - A free isp for Windows users. They have recently reduced the amount of monthly access time to 12 hours per month, and reduced their number of dial-in locations/numbers. Some users report stability problems.

NetZero is an another free ISP. No fees, but the ad/banner bar can be a real resource and bandwidth hog. (Causes your PC and online connection to be slower than normal.) Definitely use Marketscore with Netzero, to help alleviate this problem.

Free tools to use with your new ISP

Hot Pick Speed up your new (or existing) online connection with Marketscore. Get immediate results with Marketscore and improve your connection speed up to 100%. It works with any ISP and it's totally free.

Free Internet answering machine - hear your incoming calls.Hot Pick Find out who is calling you while you are online with CallWave. If you get a call while online, a popup window notifies you. Your caller is able to leave a message, which you hear while you are still connected. Free software download.

Free wireless access for cell phones.Free Wireless AccessFree wireless access for Palm OS and Windows CE units.
Get free wireless access from AvantGo. You can browse sites on your mobile device or download over 400 content channels that have been optimized for your device's small screen. AvantGo will give you news, stock quotes, flight schedules, movie listings, restaurant reviews, maps, weather and more from brand-name content providers and e-businesses. Support for Palm, Pocket PC, Windows CE, and WAP.

AT&T offers free basic wireless internet access. If you have an AT&T wireless internet ready phone, you get free basic access which includes access to stock quotes, movie and restaurant listings, door-to-door directions, Yellow and White Pages listings, and bookmarking abilities. If you don't have one of these phones, they currently start at $100. The regular cellular service plan starts at $30/month and includes 250 airtime minutes. Phones start around $50. According to an AT&T rep, internet access does not count towards your airtime minutes. Here is an internet access coverage map for this service. You can also call 1-800-462-4463 to reach a rep for more info.

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